A Beginner’s Guide to Tantra Illuminated

A Beginner’s Guide to Tantra Illuminated


We are honored you have chosen this community and platform to learn from.

Whether you are new to Classical Tantra, new to Tantra Illuminated, or a long-time student – there is a wealth of information and courses on this learning platform. This guideline aims to show you how to navigate the material. It is not the only way to do this, but experience has shown that this is the most beneficial path for many people, to get a deep understanding of the theory, practice and philosophy of Classical Tantra.

The spiritual path is not a race.

You may get the feeling you’re missing something by not doing every course, not reading every document, not following every discussion, not being present at every live call. Don’t worry. Everything is always recorded, and important content will always be kept. You do not need to be anywhere first, and you do not need to know everything in order to actualize the goal of the spiritual path and embody your awakening. So take it easy, go at your own pace.

There is no right or wrong way on this path.

This document provides pointers to give you more information to allow you to decide what to explore. In the end, what courses you take, and in which order, is up to you. Whatever you choose to do, know that it will always be perfect just the way it is.

Our Suggested Order

If you have difficulty navigating the site, please see our tutorials first HERE

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics
  3. Further Exploration
    • Near Enemies to the Truth Webinar Series: Explores the most widespread spiritual teachings present in our world today, how they are “Near Enemies” and not the Truth itself, and why this Truth is meaningful to the spiritual path.
    • The 7 Facets of the Tantrik Path Overview Webinar Series: An introduction to the seven main facets of the Tantrik Path as presented on this learning platform. Includes introductions to the View, Awareness Cultivation, Energy Body, Living in the World, Deity Yoga, Mantra Science and Yogic Lifestyle.
    • 11 Key Energy Leaks & How to Seal Them: Explores the most common energy leaks that may stand in the way of your practices bearing fruit. Shows how to identify and plug these leaks to allow you to experience more power and energy generated through the practices you’ve been doing all along.
    • Living in the World Webinar Series: Explore emotional digestion techniques that can help you face life’s ups and downs with a sense of inner strength and resilience. Discover the power of compassionate communication, enriching your connections with those around you. We’ll also delve into finding an orientation to the demands of daily life and our journey of awakening
  4. Expand Your Understanding of Classical Tantra
    • 7 Facets Curriculum: The courses in this curriculum are being added to regularly. They explore in depth each of the 7 Facets of Tantrik Yoga, ranging from basic to very advanced practices.
      • Intro to Awareness Cultivation: Learn how to cultivate awareness on all layers of your personhood. A good course to establish or deepen your daily meditation practice.
      • Into to The View: Covers the teachings on the nature of reality according to Classical Tantra. This will allow you to orient on this spiritual path, to know what the path consists of and how it works, thus enabling you to step onto this path with full confidence. Traditionally, teachings on The View come first.
      • Intro to the Energy Body: Explores all aspects of the energy body through a variety o practices. Learn what the energy body is, and find out about the bindus, nadis and cakras. While offering a firm theoretical base, this course also includes many practices, and it is recommended doing them for a certain period of time to allow them to bear fruit.
      • Intro to Deity Yoga: Understand what a deity really is, learn more about specific deities and how to practice with a deity
      • Intro to Mantra Science: Explore what a mantra really is. Learn about different kinds of mantras, how they work and how you can utilize them. Includes an introduction to the 50 phonemes of the Sanskrit language and how to pronounce and write them (which is also a basic requirement if ever you intend to study Sanskrit in any form).
    • Embodiment Classes: Join weekly embodiment classes led by yoga teachers in this kula. You can join Live sessions via the Live Calls page, or watch the recordings in our Library. These have been tagged as Gentle, Moderate or Vigorous to help you find something suitable for your needs.
    • Book – Tantra Illuminated by Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis: Gives a comprehensive introduction to both the history of Classical Tantra and the main concepts and teachings.
  5. Deep Dive into the World of Classical Tantra
  6. More!
    • Special Interests
      • The Real Story of Yoga: Receive key teachings of the yogic tradition all while soaking up information on the history of yoga.
      • Sanskrit Fundamentals: Start learning Sanskrit with this in-depth course. Starts slow and gradually picks up speed. One hour of daily study time is recommended. Joining the Facebook group “Sanskrit Online Classes with Hareesh” is recommended to access additional learning material and connect with other Sanskrit students.
      • Awakened Relating: Explore the 11 principles of awakened relating, formulated on the basis of the teachings of Classical Tantra. Practicing these principles will allow you to experience deeply harmonious relationships and enable you to express yourself more authentically to bring about the depth of connection you desire.
    • Additional Resources
      • Library: Explore countless additional meditations, mantras, satsangs, Q&A. Avail yourself of the pre-set filters, categories and tags given to find material that will supplement and support you wherever you’re at.
      • Tantra Illuminated with Dr. Christopher Wallis Podcast: Listen to Hareesh have interesting discussions with various spiritual practitioners, with additional guided meditations and scripture readings.
      • Tantrik Yoga Now: The central hub for discussing everything related to Classical Tantra, this group on Facebook may be the only reason to join facebook, provided you’re good at restraining yourself from scrolling through the rest of the feed. There are lively discussions on all sorts of topics and questions arising in spiritual life and many experienced practitioners from various Tantrik and other non-dual traditions are more than willing to share their knowledge and wisdom. We don’t recommend joining Facebook if you’re not already a member, but if you are, be sure to join the our community there! As an alternative, you’re more than welcome to utilize our Forums.
      • Hareesh.org/blogpage: New translations are regularly posted on this page.
      • Book – The Recognition Sutras by Christopher (Hareesh) Wallis: Presents his translation of the original Sanskrit text (and its commentary) by the master Ksemaraja. In 20 chapters, the text is unpacked and discussed in great detail in all its ascpects. A great book on this ancient masterpiece, and quite a transmission in its own right.
      • Retreats and other In-Person Opportunities: At any time, we encourage you to join one of Hareesh’s on-site or online retreats. Intense, in-person teachings and practices can really support your learning and integration and connecting to other kula members and Hareesh is sure to deepen your path. Make sure you’re signed up on our mailing list to be the first to know when retreat registration opens.
      • Immersion Program: This deep-dive intensive program with Hareesh usually starts once a year and involves weekly calls, regular practice and intense study with a small group of practitioners. It is recommended for those wishing to commit to this tradition (at least for a time). Completing the Foundations of Tantrik Yoga course is a prerequisite. Enrolment is announced via email, so be sure to sign up on our mailing list.
      • Pilgrimages: Every year, usually during winter in the northern hemisphere, Hareesh leads a pilgrimage through different regions of India. Accompanied by a trusted local guide and partner, joining one of these pilgrimages is a unique way to immerse in the culture that gave rise to Non-Dual Saiva Tantra. The pilgrimages include meditation, satsangs and practices of various kinds and are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone who joins. Sign up on our mailing list and watch out for our newsletter with details on registration!