Vātūlanātha Sutras Retreat

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Broadcast Live from Portugal: 25 – 30 August
Two Q&As for online participants
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In this retreat, we will explore the profound wisdom of ancient teachings passed down from the enigmatic Unmattanātha, also known as Vātūlanātha, “the intoxicated master”.
Vātūlanātha journeyed to Uḍḍiyāna to receive teachings directly from the Yoginīs. There, the Yoginīs bestowed the gift of 13 special sūtras known as Kathās. Vātūlanātha documented these 13 special sūtras (the first of which is mahāsāhasa-vṛttyā svarūpa-lābhaḥ), and his disciple Anantaśakti composed a Sanskrit commentary on them which has, fortunately, come down to us.

Immerse yourself in the sacred atmosphere as we delve into the 13 extraordinary Kathās – special sūtras that hold the key to transcending conventional doctrines and exploring the highest reality.

According to tradition, the Pīṭheśvarīs first taught the venerable Vātūlanātha the collection of the Chummās, though [in truth its teaching] cannot be ‘taught’, being beyond all doctrines . . . and then taught [him], through the 13 Sūtras, the extraordinary highest Reality into which nothing [limited] can enter—that which is free of the stains of sequence vs. simultaneity, existence vs. non-existence, real vs. unreal, plurality vs. unity, conceptual vs. non-conceptual, and existence in the world vs. liberation—doing so by directly revealing to his experience the 13 Kathās nourished by the ultimate secret.

-from the commentary on the Vātūlanāthasūtra, trans. Sanderson


Please note that we highly recommend you complete Foundations of Tantrik Yoga before participating in the retreat. This requires Sadhaka subscription.

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