Immersion 2022 – The Vṛndacakra: Teachings of The 64 Yoginīs

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In this six-month deep dive into the teachings and practices of Classical Shaiva Tantra, you’ll receive a multitude of Classical Tantrik practices that not only establish the base for your sadhana, but give you everything that you require in order to go all the way and fully abide in your essence-nature.

This Course will be updated with all the materials, recordings, talks and other blessings as they come during the program. They will appear as Lessons when available.

This course is for those who signed up and were approved to the 2022 Immersion program. Our intention is to run it annually so if you missed this one, keep an eye out for the next one by subscribing to our mailing list!

It is no longer possible to join the 2022 Immersion.

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