The Real Story of Yoga

Instructed by Hareesh (Christopher Wallis)

We’re using the word yoga here to signal the entire spiritual history of India/Eastern Spirituality, meditation, and all the practices associated with yoga asana. 

This course is part information and part inspiration. While functioning in some ways as a straight-up informational course providing you with direct and factual history, it also blends in inspiring spirituality. If you remain open to receive, you’ll walk away with a number of key teachings from the different phases of the yogic tradition that will leave you inspired and empowered on your path. 

The Program’s Learning Format

There are ten lectures in total with each delivered in a video lesson and written summary of the topic. 

Frequency and Pacing

There is no recommended pacing for this course other than to say, ensure that you have fully absorbed all the information before continuing onto the next lesson. Feel free to return to previous lessons and allow all the rich information to marinade in your system.

Sacred Investment

We encourage you to treat this course as a sacred investment in yourself. What you will receive from it is in direct proportion to what you invest into this opportunity to understand yourself, your essence-nature, and the nature of reality.

May the blessing energy we generate during the course of this program, and beyond, be for the benefit of all beings in all times and spaces.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu

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