Parā-praveśikā Translation

Hareesh Christopher Wallis · October 28, 2023

In this course, Hareesh covers the elegant and captivating text Parā-praveśikā, skillfully composed by the esteemed Nāgānanda (though often erroneously attributed to Kṣemarāja). It serves as an introduction to the enigmatic and eternal presence of Parādevī, the revered goddess, the principal deity of the Trika lineage.

While philosophically dense, the Parā-praveśikā contains a comprehensive account that illuminates the manner in which the divine intricately manifests throughout the cosmos, spanning from Śiva all the way to Earth.

Yathā nyagrodhabījasthaḥ śaktirūpo mahādrumaḥ|
Tathā hṛdayabījasthaṁ jagadetaccarācaram||

Ityāmnāyanītyā parābhaṭṭārikārūpe hṛdayabīje’ntarbhūtametajjagat|

This world [consisting of 36 tattvas] exists within the Seed of the Heart (hṛdaya-bīja) that is the Great Lady Parā, as taught in this scriptural verse of our tradition:

Just as a massive tree exists as potential energy in the tiny seed of the banyan fig, so does this world consisting of animate and inanimate things exists in the Heart-Seed. ||

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