Near Enemies of the Truth Webinar Series

In this 16-part video series, Hareesh explores the most widespread distorted spiritual teachings present in our world today. Through this exploration, Hareesh uncovers why they are “near enemies” and not the Truth itself, and explains why this Truth is meaningful to the spiritual path. Understanding the near enemies is vital for any spiritual seeker who wants to get past the beginner stages and into the deep (and most fulfilling) spiritual work.

Topics include:

  • Follow Your Bliss
  • Negative Energy
  • Energy Healing
  • Be In The Present Moment
  • You Create Your Own Reality
  • You Can Choose How To Respond
  • Finding Your Soul’s Purpose
  • I Want To Be My Best Self
  • Love Yourself
  • Listen To Your Heart
  • Speaking Your Truth
  • Everything Happens For A Reason
  • Everything Happens For The Best
  • God
  • All Paths Lead to the Same Goal
  • I Am My Own Guru


“At a certain point, this is a tipping point on the spiritual path, one must be able to affirm, if one wants to go all the way in this journey, “I want to know what’s true, regardless of if it feels good. I want to know what’s true in the deepest possible sense regardless of whether it brings me comfort or terrifies me. I want to know what’s true regardless of whether the process of realization feels like a big long hug from the universe or feels like being stripped naked and having my skin flayed off.”

“Spirituality is not and cannot be about belief. This is exactly what differentiates it from religion. Every religion is a belief system but spirituality, when we distinguish it from religion, is that which leads you beyond all belief systems. And yet, cultivating certain beliefs is instrumental along the way.”

“All these teachings ultimately seek to point you beyond themselves which religion won’t teach you because it is an institutionalized power structure.”

“We cannot bypass the value of teachings and cultivating more beneficial beliefs even though we ultimately seek to go beyond them.”

Book available for purchase:

Near Enemies of the Truth: Avoid the Pitfalls of the Spiritual Life and Become Radically Free

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