It is recommended that you complete the Foundations of Tantrik Yoga course prior to starting with this course.

Intro to The View

Here, the word view is a translation of the Sanskrit word darśana, which literally means viewpoint, worldview, teaching on the nature of reality” or even philosophy. 

Learning the teachings about the nature of reality according to a particular system or viewpoint is considered an essential and important part of every pre-modern spiritual tradition. When we adequately internalize the View teachings, we are oriented properly and know in which direction to look and can investigate our own experience, free of our internalized cultural programming and mental filters. 

When you have learned the View teachings, you have a sense of what the spiritual path consists of and how it works. When you have a sense of how spiritual practice accomplishes the actualization of the goal of the path, then you step onto the path with full confidence. That’s why traditionally, teachings on the View come first. 

You will first encounter at least a summary of the viewpoint on the nature of reality in the tradition that you seek to practice in, or perhaps, are already practicing in.

You will learn much more about the view of Nondual Tantra as you proceed through the curriculum. 

Welcome to this facet of the journey!

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