It is recommended that you complete the Foundations of Tantrik Yoga course prior to starting with this course.

Intro to the Energy Body

We are embarking on an adventure and there are some strong recommendations for this journey.

Not Rushing

Many of the practices you will learn in this facet take some time to really click. Some people do the practices and the first or second time it’s obviously working, but for the majority of people it takes weeks or even months for the practice to really click into place—for it to be really happening as opposed to imagination.

Note: With many of the energy body practices, we start off using the imagination as our primary tool. We are imagining the cakras and the fundamental elemental energies and so on, but in time it goes past that phase and the practices, as we say, are really happening–yet you’ve got to lay that groundwork of working with the imagination first. Then once it clicks into place the practice takes on a life of its own.

There might be revelations that happen—things that happen of their own accord in the practice, not dictated by your mind—but in the tantrik tradition it’s very important that, to begin with, you do the practice exactly as taught, and only after you’ve learned it, memorized it, and are very familiar with it, then you can let it take on a life of its own.

With each of the practices, you are going to need to get to know it before going on to the next, but there is no need to master each practice before moving on because you can do many of these practices concurrently. For maximum results, we recommend that you do at least some of them concurrently. Find your own pace with it, but the main thing is not to rush.

Supportive Diet

When we are working with the energy body, there are a lot of things that can throw off or undermine the process. In general, while you’re doing energy body practice, you want to avoid more “tamasic” foods. Tamasic foods are heavy, dense, and difficult to digest. Any food or beverage that weighs you down, obscures your consciousness, or that makes you sleepier is probably tamasic. You want to avoid those or minimize them during energy body work.

Having said that, if you know from determining your body type in Āyurveda that you’re very vāta and that you’re very vatagenic, then you don’t want to eliminate tamasic foods, because without them you can get very spacy, scattered, and ungrounded. Know yourself and antidote your own tendency. As the general guideline, please don’t be using cannabis, alcohol, or other drugs while you are learning these practices.

What you need in your body, your mind, and your energy body is a lot of clarity. You don’t want to get ungrounded, but you do need clarity. Explore what that means for you so that you can have a strong container for receiving these practices.

Avoid Melodrama

It’s good to avoid interpersonal relational dramas in your life. Sometimes, they are just unavoidable, but in general, if you’re having a lot of upheaval in your life, it’s not really the time to do these practices. Instead, you want to do grounding practices, you want to do awareness cultivation practices (we have an Awareness Cultivation track for that), and you want to be doing therapeutic work. You need a certain degree of stability for energy body cultivation.

Get Adequate Sleep

Lastly, we do recommend that you get between seven and nine hours per night on average depending on the body. Be healthy and eat healthy (whole foods and no processed food whenever possible) to support your energy body cultivation.

We are so happy you’re here with us on the Energy Body facet. Let’s dive in!

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