It is recommended that you complete the Foundations of Tantrik Yoga course prior to starting with this course.

Welcome to Mantra Science

In this module, we’ll explore what a mantra is—that’s an important question and one that most people can’t answer very clearly. We have a lot to cover in this course!  

We’ll Go Over: 

  • How mantras work
  • Why they work
  • Why you might utilize mantras
  • Different sorts of mantras for different purposes
  • The five different kinds of mantras with examples of each
  • The Sanskrit alphabet, or alphasyllabary as it’s technically called
  • The 50 phonemes, or letters, of the Sanskrit language as they are written in the Devanāgarī script
  • Basic Sansrit grammar
  • Bīja mantras or secret seed syllables
  • How to chant bīja mantras correctly according to the method of Classical Tantra
  • Multiple levels of the practice of uccāra (the secret and almost lost practice of raising a bīja mantra through the central channel, which is not well known in the mainstream yoga world)

An Overview of Mantra Science

Mantra Science is a translation of the Sanskrit phrase mantra-śāstra. Śāstra means: a systematic treatise. And some people wonder whether the translation science is appropriate—certainly the use of this term predates the modern scientific method—but when we look at śāstra-literature we find the most systematic, organized sorts work in the Sanskrit language. They are somewhat scientific in terms of being based in empirical research and they’re rigorously thought through—so śāstra is translated here as science. In India, of course, they simply use the phrase mantra-śāstra, and if you use that phrase they know that you’re engaged in a systematic and detailed study of mantras and how they work.

Welcome to this first module of Mantra Science. We look forward to diving in with you.

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