Foundations of Tantrik Yoga

Foundations of Tantrik Yoga – Part Two

Presented by Tanta Illuminated and Instructed by Hareesh (Christopher Wallis)

Welcome to Foundations of Tantrik Yoga!

Whether this is your first exploration of Tantrik Yoga or you’re a long-term practitioner of these traditional teachings, this foundational course will offer you an overview of some of the essential philosophy, energy-body practices, and contemplations of the Tantrik tradition.

What You’ll Learn in This Program:
  • Posture for Practice
  • Yogic Breathing
  • Meditation / Awareness Cultivation
  • Centering Techniques
  • How to Be With Intense Emotions
  • Why We Practice
  • How These Practices Work
  • Alignment of View, Practice, and Fruit
  • And many other core teachings and practices from the Tantrik tradition!

The Program’s Learning Format

Each module consists of a small number of lessons around the same theme. Most lessons include:

  1. Teaching: A video lesson and written summary of an essential teaching from the Tantrik tradition.
  2. Practice: An audio guided practice to integrate into your sādhanā or practice life, related to the paired teaching.
  3. Study Guide: A PDF of the essential teaching or practice, key terms, any recommended assignments, and reflection questions.


We encourage you to view, study, and practice during the term of this program at a rate of one to two lessons a week. You will receive two new lessons each week, but we invite you to use your intuition to determine the right pace for you, based on how much content you can earnestly study and put into practice.

While taking this course, we invite you to do each new practice every day during the week to integrate and become comfortable with it. Then you can continue to do that practice the following week and also add the new practice, up to three practices per day. So for example: in week six of the course you might be doing practices four, five, and six each day, and in week seven you could do practices five, six, and seven each day. Though please note that not every lesson includes a new practice which is one reason you might want to do two lessons per week rather than one.

Sacred Investment

We encourage you to treat this course as a sacred investment in yourself. What you will receive from it is in direct proportion to what you invest into this opportunity to understand yourself, your essence-nature, and the nature of reality.

May the blessing energy we generate during the course of this program and beyond be for the benefit of all beings in all times and spaces.

लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु

lokāh samastāh sukhino bhavantu

Please note: we intend to remake this course later. This was our previous beginner course, which was replaced by our current Foundations of Tantrik Yoga. This course repeats some of the teachings but also includes some that are not present in the Part One.

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