Divine Love Retreat

Hareesh Christopher Wallis · February 14, 2023

This online retreat will explore, the role of love on the spiritual path.

How can we define love?
Are there many different kinds of love, or is there really One Love, sometimes mixed with other emotions?
Is love an intrinsic part of consciousness itself or is it adventitious?
What’s the difference between heart-opening and awakening?
Or are they the same?
Is love a practice or is it the result of practice?
Is it a necessary part of the spiritual path?
Is being loving a sign of awakeness?
Is there such a thing as transcendental love?

All these questions and more will be explored in this retreat, along with heart-opening meditations and experiential explorations of our capacity for love.

Directed by Hareesh Wallis
With Morning Embodiment Practices from Shivā Saṃpūrṇa

Retreat originally recorded Online, 2022

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  • 7 Lessons