Chummā-saṅketa-prakāśa – Light on the Intimations called the Chummās – Part 1

Hareesh Christopher Wallis · August 21, 2022

The Chummā-saṅketa-prakāśa (“Light on the Intimations called the Chummās”) is an unpublished text surviving in a single manuscript originally from Kashmīr but held in an archive in Berlin since colonial times. The text is composed in two languages, Old Kashmiri and Sanskrit, both written in the Śāradā script.

This text was brought to the attention of the scholarly community by Alexis Sanderson in his monumental 200-page article “The Śaiva Exegesis of Kashmir” but so far no one has translated it – until now.

In this video series, Hareesh Wallis begins to translate this rich, historic text, covering the first 21 verses. 

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