7 Facets of the Tantrik Path Overview – Webinar Series

7 Facets Webinar Series

7 hrs 4 minutes

This free seven-episode webinar series introduces you to the seven defined paths of study in our curriculum. Join Hareesh Wallis in this series to dive deeper inside each facet in order to see clearly which path of study is calling you forward. Just as a precious gem has many different facets that make the whole unique, Tantrik Studies offers these seven facets that make for a fruitful path.

Topics include:

• Overview of the 7 facets of Tantrik study including:

• The View

• Awareness Cultivation

• The Energy Body

• Living in the World

• Deity Yoga

• Mantra Science

• Yogic Lifestyle

Quotes from this Download:

“What we’re co-creating together, is a beautiful curriculum in applied Tantrik studies. Meaning to say tantrik studies for the practitioner as applied to real life, not an academic version of Tantrik studies.”

“While (this curriculum) will include rigorous intellectual contemplation as a small part of the curriculum, it’s really focused on learning and embodying the key principles, teachings and practices of the classical Tantrik path.”

“The purpose of the curriculum is to allow you to go deep into the practices of Classical Tantra for the enhancement to your experience of life that it gives you and very possibly this curriculum of applied study can result in more awakeness and more liberation. These are words that are used to characterize the goal of the spiritual path in this tradition.”

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