11 Key Energy Leaks & How to Seal Them

In our first ever live course, Hareesh Wallis explores the 11 most common energy leaks and how to plug them so that you may experience more power, energy, and prana generated from the same practices you’ve been doing all along.  This course has concluded, you may watch all episodes in the next section of this course.

Topics That Are Covered In This Series:

  • Intro to Energy Leaks
  • Exhaustion due to overdoing & multi-tasking
  • Dis-ease of the physical body
  • Excess emotional reactivity
  • Losing contact with natural Presence through thought / fantasy / reverie
  • Strongly held beliefs or opinions
  • Unclear relationships / unclear boundaries
  • Unconscious speech / excessive speech / gossip
  • Addictions and other habitual behavior patterns fueled by and further fueling samskāras
  • Mismanagement of sexual energy
  • Abdication of your authority / disempowering yourself
  • Restless seeking after ‘the answer’, the perfect path, or a magical panacea.

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